Video 18 Oct 5 notes

Took a walk to grab lunchtime mushrooms. Decided to go with the honey mushrooms.

Video 15 Oct 11 notes

With everyone talking about viruses. I figured I would making up my winter Reshi tincture. This is stage one; adding 100 proof moon shine or vodka to your reshi.
Shake every day or so for 4 weeks. Then strain the mushroom out squeeze it to get all the alcohol out. Take the mushroom and boil hard for 2 hours in quart of water. You are going to add the tea back to your tincture so boil it down till the tea you add back takes you alcohol no lower then 25%, 30%to 35% is the target. None of this is hard so don’t over think it. Cool the tea before you add it back. Wait a couple more weeks and you have it. Take 1/4 shot in the morning and evening for winter aches and pains. It also is supposed to boost your immunity. I take it from December through February and cannot remember ever getting sick, but that’s anecdotal not at all scientific. I take it for aches and pains, and winter melancholy.

Video 12 Oct 53 notes

Pulled up the garden and sent in the clean up crew.

Video 12 Oct 15 notes

Chestnut flour
We have a lot of chestnuts this year so I dried some for flour. It adds a nice roasted chest flavor to foods.

It’s easy, but a little tedious. Cut Xs in the nuts. I use a utility knife and hold it up on the blade for better control. You can do big Xs because we are going to dry them anyway. If you are roasting them to eat make the Xs small to hold in moisture. Bake them up at 200 for 30 to 45 minutes and peal them. Don’t worry about the skin just get the shells off. The skins will separate after you dehydrate the nuts. Dehydrate them till they are rock hard. Then just shuffle the dried nut around in a bowl and blow hard, the skins will fly out of the bowl. They will go everywhere so do it outside. At that point I just put them in a jar and grind it when I want to use it. It’s really good as an additive to bread but I use it mostly for noodles, 1cup nut flour to 2 cups of semolina flour. I heard some people use it for cookies but I’ve not tried that yet.

PS. If you roast them to eat out of hand try dipping them in some cream cheese, and season salt.

Video 9 Oct 23 notes

I cooked up the mushrooms from yesterday. Made a flat bread/pizza out of them. Very good but not real pretty.

Chicken of the woods side
Cut up a cup of mushroom sauté with garlic and butter till they dry out a bit.
Put them in a small bowl with butter and a table spoon of honey (or sugar) let rest to re-hydrate.
The sauce should be what ever you makeup for dried ranch, and some olive oil, or you can just use ranch dressing.
Then top with cheddar and mozzarella cheese.

Comb tooth side
Cut up a cup of mushroom sauté with garlic, butter and some ramps.
Sauce should be olive oil and old bay seasoning.
Then to with mozzarella.

Simple Bread (Insert more or less after every statement I don’t measure)
2 cups flour
1 cup water
Table spoon of sugar
1/2table spoon of salt
1/3 cup of oil
Table spoon of yeast (Start the yeast with a pinch of sugar to speed things up)
Mix kneed rise for 20 min role out rise 10 top cook at 425 deg. 40 min

Photo 5 Oct 8 notes New friend wants to help me sort nuts. I love mantises.

New friend wants to help me sort nuts. I love mantises.

Video 5 Oct 6 notes

First mushroom walk in a while. I have been disappointed this year by how few came up compared to last. Found a ton of tasty ones this time though, so hopefully thing are turning around. The last pic is a false Oyster mushroom I included because it’s good to know the bad mushrooms too, and I almost never see them. (Chicken, Comb Tooth, Brick Cap, Ringless honey mushrooms, false Oyster mushroom)

Video 24 Sep 11 notes

Chestnuts are falling everywhere due to some storms. For the most part I just gather them up and let them ripen on racks but I also like to eat a few early. I was told they can be a little starchy but most of them here seem to be sweet even when really young. You can open them with your shoes even if they not really opening yet. The spins stick in and break off so watch yourself.

If they are small or miss shaped I break the shells opened and give them to the birds. The birds love them!

Video 21 Sep 7 notes

Angel’s trumpet or Datura
Every person who forages should also know what not to pick. Datura is one of those. It has a very colorful past, and I know some Herb People* that say they know how to use it. I think Datura is poison and it can even hurt some animals. So if it’s in my yard I burn it, or put it in the woods.

*The Herb People in question tend to be over dramatic and have a predilection for black clothing, pointy hats, and even at times capes. I try not be overly skeptical, but it’s a kin to wanting to be a great political leader, but dressing like a Disney princess. You should expect some skepticism.

Video 21 Sep 4 notes

Coop poop.
I cleaned and moved the coop today. Lots of coops have trays, but I decided to do a removable floor. I just role it over an old tarp. Yank the floor up, and scrape it down. Then role it off and dump the tarp over in the compost.

Video 13 Sep 23 notes



This kids clipped wings today just too many escapes, and the dog next door looks hungry.

The two ladies at the bottom photo, which breed are they?

They are “Ameraucana” but that’s sort of a big umbrella at this point.

Video 13 Sep 58 notes

Birch polypore (Piptoporus betulinus)
This is a good maybe even one of the best medical mushroom to know. Especially if you you enjoy long hikes.

It is used for all sorts of things. I use it for cuts during hikes. It is kind of like a natural bandaid, but were It shines is in dealing with foot damage, blisters, cuts, cracks and scrapes. It’s rubbery and spongy consistency allows it to work as padding and it is a antiseptic/anti-inflammatory. It cools and gets rid of redness better then anything else I have tried. It is fairly common here, and it is easy to use just cut a sliver (plaster) take off your boots and socks and slid it in. I get moisture crakes all the time and using neosporin on toes just gives me squishy toes, and hurts more then helps. A couple slivers under my toes fixes me right up and feels good too. It seem to speed up healing, and I have been told it stops scarring, but have not used it for that. As far as I am concerned what it does for my feet is more then enough to make it a important mushroom, but it is also used in tea as a tonic, cleanser and immune booster etc.. The Ice man had it on him, and people speculate on what he used it for.

Video 6 Sep 16 notes

We got our fist egg today! A lot goes into that first egg.

Video 30 Aug 17 notes

Nice little walk today. Still getting a lot of BiColor.

Video 24 Aug 24 notes

Picking dinner before lunch. I love this time of year

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