Photo 17 Jul 6 notes My hanging pumpkin…

My hanging pumpkin…

Video 13 Jul 108 notes

Old man with, Hygrophorous milky.. And others from today’s walk.

Text 13 Jul 5 notes Foraging for chickens.

So does anyone know what to forage plant wise for chicken? I know they like chick weed, but what else.

Video 12 Jul 18 notes

Today’s walk early Chanterelles, and Caesar’s mushroom..good walk

Video 8 Jul 21 notes

Today’s walk

Video 4 Jul 86 notes

Just more garden pics. It is growing every day…

Video 27 Jun 111 notes

Garden is final beginning to come in.. Most of the squares have some filling out to do, but they look on track. Corn stalks on the 3 sisters bed should be more then knee high by the 4th of July and that’s key for this area.

Video 25 Jun 26 notes

Today’s walk … I love the camo slug

Video 22 Jun 16 notes

Today’s walk … Got all 3 stages of Fly Agaric, and my nut tree bloomed oysters again.

Video 22 Jun 7 notes

Went for a nature walk in New York State got a little lost then got a little crooked in the pub. Forgot to bring home mushrooms but this will do.

Video 22 Jun 273 notes



(Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)   

Video 18 Jun 5 notes

Today’s walk… I think the orange one is Phyllotopsis nidulans mock oyster not a great pick,but I have never seen it before.

Video 15 Jun 59 notes

This is cool, I took some pics of last week when I first setup the coop around a new apple tree, and how it looked a week later. There were wood chips from last year under the weeds, and they did not get it all. I still think its cool though. They are like little landscapers.

Video 13 Jun 10 notes

Today’s walk … Nice to see the rooted mushrooms are up, and I got a reshi for tea.

Video 12 Jun 15 notes

Today’s walk .. Lots Fawn, and Plateful of mushroom. I think I need to try them again but not today. I took some corals for omelets but that’s it….

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